I love reading and I saw this book advertised The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel. On the back of the book it talked about how some millionaires can never have enough, that is why they strive for another thousand dollars. It made me think that this is because the idea of ‘enough’ is materialistic and endless, that is there is always going to be another dollar.
I’d like to talk about never having enough satisfaction as to where you stand physically and emotionally on your stroke recovery journey. Of course a stroke recovery journey is not easy, as it comes with the insurmountable mental, emotional and physical challenges. Of course you will think I will never have enough of my old/normal self. And this is hard living life like this! There is no easy way but to face these challenges head on and seek support. Find helpful techniques that teach you ways to overcome these limiting thoughts. Because it is possible to live a well balanced life filled with enough happiness and contentment to last a lifetime. Do yourself a favour and ask yourself this question: “Do I want to get out of this negative mind frame of feeling as if I never have enough”? Once you take this step forward you will then be able to be on the other side of never having enough to then feeling great knowing and being able to say and feel that “I have enough”. If you feel you are ready to make a lasting change going forwards, you can get in touch here.