How I work


Counselling & mentoring with a Difference

My Counselling Style

My style of counselling and mentoring is compassionate, genuine and gentle

We begin our work by talking about your issues at a surface level. As your comfort and trust level increase, we’ll move into exploring them at a deeper level.

I follow your lead which means you choose what you want to discuss and the goals you want to set at all times. I’ll support you and guide you along the way.

My clients tell me that they feel safe with me and my approach because they feel free to be themselves. A client has said, I always come away from talking to Julian with a skip in my step and a greater sense of a healthy identity.”

I’ll help you establish clear goals, even those you don’t yet believe are possible. As we work together, you’ll build more confidence that you can have the kind of life you desire.

We may use a variety of counselling exercises depending on your needs. These might include movement, drawing, deep breathing, or role-playing, etc.

Counselling Approach

I use Trauma-Informed Process-Oriented Therapy methods. These approaches focus on healing deeply-rooted issues that are often buried in your unconscious.

Long-standing problems are often the result of physical and/or emotional trauma that impacts your thoughts, emotions, and neurobiological system.

Effective and lasting change occurs when you access the deeper layers of your problems that are rooted in your body so they can be thoroughly healed.

In-Person or Online Counselling/mentoring

You have the option of doing online sessions with me or coming to see me in my office in Sydney
We can sit in my office, outside in the garden, or go for a walk in a nice location. Since I’m a barista, I can also make you an awesome cup of tea or coffee.

If you’re ready to get started,
contact me for a free 15-minute phone consultation

We’ll have a brief chat where you tell me your concerns, and I’ll let you know how I can help.

*We can sit in my office, outside or go for a walk as we talk. Since I’m a barista, I can also make you a delicious cup of tea or coffee