Do you struggle with being certain about certain aspects of your life? Some of my clients have told me that they simply cant function the way that they wished because they had no certainty in their life.

When suffering from mental health issues it is difficult to have certainty about anything. Once you have a gentle and calm level of certainty about where you are and where you are headed in life, you will be relieved beyond belief.

Gaining the gentle and calm level of certainty that you may crave will at first feel impossible to get. Especially when in the whirlwind of negative thoughts that come along with being unstable, mental health wise. However once you taste the gentle and calm level of certainty that you get when talking to a qualified counsellor, you will want more.

Your average person is not taught how to gain certainty and how to hold onto it. However once you notice the shift
(and are taught how to shift) from being uncertain to being certain, you will be so grateful that you now know how to shift fom being uncertain to being certain. Then you will know the importance of remaining in a well balanced mind frame filled with certainty. Undoubtedly you wont allow yourself to slip into your past unbalanced mind frame of uncertainty.

Simply put you don’t know what you don’t know until you do know. Once you do know you will be forever grateful.