Julian Reddish Counselling Podcast

Hello and welcome to the Julian Reddish Counselling Podcast

In this podcast, host, stroke survivor and counsellor Julian Reddish shares his tips and tricks on how to best recover after having a stroke and chats with guests to help you on your recovery journey or support a loved one who has suffered a stroke.

Episode 15 – The Benefits of Podcasts for Stroke Survivors

As a stroke survivor, there are many different areas to focus on that can help you improve. Sometimes the most unexpected areas you can focus on helps unexpectedly beyond imagination.

Depending where you are placed on your stroke rehabilitation journey, podcasts can help you so much! Listening to relevant podcast that can help inspire, motivate or help keep you feeling sane will help ease the difficulties of traveling through your journey.

You may one day feel like elevating your podcast participation from listening to participating on other podcasts by sharing your story. Or even start your own podcast! The sky is the limit..

I started my own podcast as a stroke survivor many years ago simply using audio. Now I record videos with participating stroke survivors or health professionals.. In this months podcast I talk to two women who have had strokes who live in the US. One of the guests (Eryn) has hosted 60 episodes herself, so you will hear a lot about the benefits of participating with a podcast.

Enjoy watching!

Watch the recording of this episode here.

Episode 14 – How to manage your mental health as a stroke survivor

Hear from the heroic stroke survivor Lina on how she manages her mental health on her stroke recovery journey. Join Julian, stroke survivor and qualified counsellor, talk about the best practices to follow.

Episode 13 – Overcoming Obstacles

In this podcast we delve deep into what it takes to overcome obstacles. Kado from Ruthless Motivation got infected feet when working in the mines. Soon after he had to face a choice, to get both legs amputated, or live a life filled with pain. Kado now shares how he has overcome numerous obstacles at schools across the country.

Together stroke survivor and counsellor Julian and Kado discuss how they both made it through their difficult journeys and how you can do the same.

Watch the recording of this episode here.

Episode 12 – The Benefits of Stroke Counselling – An Honest Review

In this month’s podcast, stroke survivor, counsellor and mentor Julian Reddish interviews one of his longest standing clients. They talk about what makes it important to have a counsellor and mentor on your team as a stroke survivor and about what Roger has learnt. Roger shares how his life has changed for the better since he started seeing Julian. Rogers life has become better than he could have imagined. He didn’t know what was in store when he reached out to Julian, all he knew was that he had to.

Watch the recording of this episode here.

Episode 11 – The Importance of Counselling

Watch the recording of this episode here.

Episode 10 – God & Recovery

It may not be talked about much, however as a disabled person and/or a stroke survivor, having a deep belief in God goes a long way. There may not be medical proof stating that developing your faith, belief and trust in God can help your recovery. However Julian, who is a stroke survivor himself, shares his journey with his good friend Doug, a devout minister with over 40 years experience.

Episode 9 – The Importance of Journalling

Journalling is incredibly helpful to maintain a healthy mind. Journalling is a very helpful tool if you’ve got too much on your mind. Once you start, you won’t want to stop, because of the benefits you see. It’s nice how it helps refuel you.

Episode 8 – Neurological Rehabilitation & Wellness

Hear from a physiotherapist & yoga instructor talking with Julian about neurological rehabilitation and wellness.

Episode 7 – Accepting the fact that you’ve had a stroke.

Episode 6 – Daily Habits

In this podcast episode, Julian talks about the importance of daily habits on your stroke recovery journey.

Episode 5 – The importance of having an Instagram account on your stroke recovery journey

In this podcast Julian talks with Simon from the UK about the importance of having an Instagram account on their stroke recovery journey.

Tracking your recovery using photos and videos gives you something to look back at and gauge how far you have come.

Episode 4 – Mood post stroke

Join Julian and Maddie who both had strokes in their late teens. In this podcast episode, they talk about managing their mood post stroke. You’ll see and hear that this topic can easily be talked about and that you can learn to be comfortable on your journey managing on managing your mood post stroke, just like they do.

They both are ambitious stroke survivors who have a community of other stroke survivors following them on social media.

In this podcast Julian and Maddie will be talking about ‘mood post stroke’ in such a fluid and enjoyable way that you wont want them to stop talking.

Episode 3 – Is it helpful for it to be bigger than yourself post stroke?

Listen to Julian and his friend Greg, who is a stroke survivor himself, about how focusing on more than simply your stroke recovery can be helpful.

Episode 2 – Speech Post Stroke

Listen to stroke survivor, counsellor & mentor Julian Reddish and Leeanne Mark from L A Mark Speech Therapy talk about speech post stroke.

Episode 1 – Rest & Digest Post Stroke

It can be challenging to get through your day with a low level of energy post-stroke. In this episode Maddie (from the US) & Julian (from Australia) share their experiences. They both have had strokes and they share how they manage their energy post-stroke.