Stride 4 Stroke Fundraiser 2022

Thank you for your support!

Julian Reddish likes supporting positive change in the world and in the month of November he participated in the Stroke Foundations Stride4Stroke Fundraising.

Julian wanted to reach his goal of raising $450 and move (walk, run or ride) for 600 minutes. He surpassed his fundraising goal of reaching $450 by reaching $540 as well as moving for 600 minutes.


Sponsor Julian in the Stride 4 Stroke Fundraiser

Stroke attacks the brain, the human control centre, changing lives in an instant.

Few people think about stroke until it touches their life.

Stroke can happen to anyone, of any age and affects everyone differently.

It’s estimated more than 27,400 people will have a stroke in Australia for the first time in 2022, equating to one stroke every 19 minutes. Julian Reddish was one of them, when he had a stroke at the age of 17.

Today, there are over 445,000 people in our community whose lives have been changed by stroke and this number is growing.

Your help means we can do more.

The good news is that researchers and health professionals across Australia and around the world are constantly working to improve treatments, enhance recovery after stroke and perhaps even find a cure. But they can’t do it alone.

How you can help:

Your efforts in raising funds means that researchers are given the time and resources to do their work.

To make a heartfelt donation that will go to a good cause, support Julian to raise money for the Stroke Foundation. By supporting Julian on this fundraiser you will be supporting his vision to make life for stroke survivors better.

Julian will be walking for 600 minutes in November to help support researchers on improving treatments, enhance recovery after stroke and perhaps even find a cure.