Do you struggle with making a change in your life? No matter how small or large the change is, it leaves you feeling uneasy and makes you want things to go back to how they were. We all love our comfort zones, and we all have our own unique comfort zone, so it seems obvious that change would disrupt this..
How on earth do you get used to change then? There is this saying that goes like this: “do one thing per day that scares you” by First Lady Eleanore Roosevelt. If you did this, then change wouldn’t stand a chance to make you feel uneasy. But this is not how most of us live. We wouldn’t like doing things that we fear on a daily basis.
When it comes to change and mental health, how do you think you would manage changing from an incredibly stressed out and anxious person to a confident, driven and joyful person? This change, even though at first glance looks and sounds like a pleasant change at first glance could look scary from the eyes of an overwhelmed, stressed out anxious person. But why would it look difficult and scary to make a change into a more joyful person?
When you are scared, stressed and anxious about everything, you come from a place of fear, so even a good change would feel somewhat scary. That’s why you need to find the perfect therapist that suits you best. Someone who you can imagine building deep trust with, who you can share any and all of your thoughts and feelings with..