Do you feel as if everything in your life is going well and that there is no reason at all to check in with yourself to see how you are truly feeling? You may not even ask yourself this because you simply are feeling so good. If this is the case that is great. Many people out there would be jealous of you. If you are feeling great, I recommend looking after yourself whilst you feel so good so that you don’t have an unexpected change of emotions..
When was the last time you looked in the mirror and asked yourself “how am I? Not very often I imagine? There is enough going on in life to slow right down and ask yourself this type of question. There is also enough going to not slow down enough and be fully present whist asking yourself this question too..
It is all very good to say this you may be thinking. Or maybe you are thinking what a load of rubbish. Why should I check in with myself when I’m feeling so good.
In saying all of this, I recently checked in on one of my clients to see how he is doing, and to see if he felt like a check in so that he can maintain his good mental health levels. He said he would like a check in. Our session went very well, and this was after not talking for two months. When we started talking he needed to see me weekly for 6 sessions. Now we are able to push it out to possibly 4-5 months. He has turned his life around and now has the tools to manage himself.
You don’t need to take much time out of your day to have a quick and honest check in with yourself. When you are shaving, or cleaning your teeth, have a look in the mirror. Ask yourself “how am I feeling? Don’t ask this question quickly. Stop for a moment and really think. Give yourself 4-5 seconds and deeply think about this.. If you feel you need or want a check in, don’t hesitate, because it is through these hesitations that emotional imbalance can occur.