Are you one to get stuck in your comfort zone? If this sounds like you, you may try so hard to get out, yet you keep on finding yourself slipping back in. Until one day you tell yourself “look whats the point in even trying to get out of my comfort zone as I am comfortable in here”.

The only problem with being stuck in your comfort zone is because you are likely to lose motivation, lose that spark when it comes to enjoying each and every aspect of your life. You may even start gaining weight as it starts to feel like too much effort to eat well.
Does any of this feel familiar to you?
Losing weight and getting fit for example (as well as getting out of your comfort zone of a bad mind frame) is hard, let’s be honest. There are exercises involved as well as healthy eating that is needed to make a change. It can honestly feel like too much effort. Especially while you are living this busy lifestyle of yours that you are living.

Generally speaking, nothing great in this day and age that’s worth fighting for comes easy. However once the desired outcome is achieved, it is enjoyed that much more because of the difficulty it took to achieve it. Let’s try something here for a moment.. I’d like you to read the next section and then close your eyes and then think about what you just read. I’d like you to close your eyes and picture what it would feel like in your mind, body and soul to not have any stresses, anxieties or traumas.. What it would feel like to be fit and healthy.. I’d like to offer you to close your eyes and feel into this feeling for a while.. Enjoy this feeling!
If it was that easy to close your eyes and feel the way that you just did, why then is it far more difficult to achieve the outcome we ultimately want to achieve?!

Well there are a million and one reasons, thats for sure. However for right now the beginning of you departing your comfort zone comfortably can begin with one small conversation.