10-Step Stroke Recovery Guide

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When it comes to stroke recovery, progress can feel slow and no two journeys are the same.

In this guide you will learn helpful steps to building a growth mindset day by day, during your recovery.

We’ll cover:

  • The importance of having goals (no matter how small) and dreaming big to keep moving towards a healthier version of yourself 
  • Managing the rollercoaster of emotions and allowing your body and mind time to rest through restorative practices like meditation 
  • Actively getting the happy hormones flowing, while developing some easy morning practices to set you up for the day ahead 
  • How to communicate with your doctors, friends and family to keep the feelings of isolation (that we all feel at times) at bay.

This 10-step guide will teach you the tools to trust what feels right for your personal journey of recovery.

My biggest issue is with communication. This causes me to isolate myself, which is not a good idea. After reading the guide, I now feel motivated, I have a plan to move forward. My favourite section was on goals. I now have a goal of walking every morning. Jeff R


Hi, I’m Julian,

This guide is for you if you are a stroke survivor, or supporting a loved one who suffered a stroke .

It’s written from my perspective, having suffered a stroke 17 years ago at the age of 17, and being on the road to recovery ever since.

Now, as a practising counsellor and mentor for stroke survivors, I often hear people say they have ‘given up’. I understand, I have given up far more times than I can count in my recovery journey.

What kept me going was knowing that if I didn’t keep on trying to improve, I wouldn’t get better.

So I share these steps with you because they have helped me through the ups and downs of my rehabilitation and allowed me to take the small steps every day, that lead to realising big dreams.

Before reading the guide, my journey was difficult because I was mentally hurt. I could not accept the fact that I had a stroke. The guide inspired me, I learned how to control my emotions and my feelings”. Zinedine I

Get motivated and build my growth mindset

3 reviews for 10-Step Stroke Recovery Guide

  1. Zinedine

    Before to reading the book, my journey was actually difficult because I mentally hurt, I could not accept that I had a stroke.

    After reading the book I ain’t gonna lie the book inspired me a lot most than ever, I learned how to control my emotions and my feelings.

    When you talking about having (goals and dreams and inspiration) that’s inspire me a lot.

  2. Fred

    From the start of your eBook, I realise that you have a good understanding of the complexity of surviving a stroke and the joys of trying to stay sane while doing it. I know from my experience that the most logical ideas are usually the best.

    You started with commitment which I believe is the best point to start. I found that the book was very easy to read, especially for people like me who suffer from aphasia. I hope that other readers will find it enjoyable and more important as helpful.

    I would like to thank you for reminding me how important reading is to everyone. I enjoy reading, but after my stroke I found reading difficult for the first few months, but as I learn to live with aphasia I found reading again. These days I read for about half an hour a couple of times a day.

    Well done, Julian.

  3. Jeff

    I felt stuck and frustrated. I had a dream to do something, but wasn’t sure what that meant.
    After reading this eBook, I feel motivated. I now have a plan to move forward with some of things you mentioned in the guide.

    My favorite section was on goals. I now have a goal of walking every morning. My biggest issue is with communication. I have trouble speaking, which makes it difficult to apply for a job or even call my doctor’s office. I rely on my wife to do it. This causes me to isolate myself, which is not a good deal (I learned that from your guide!).

    Overall, I like the guide. It gave me ideas of what else to do, gave me a plan to follow, and felt it gave me permission to rest once in a while.

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