Are you an anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed business owner, busy employee or stroke survivor who struggles to manage their mental health? Perhaps you fall into one of these categories and you worry about the future..
Worrying about the future is an easy thing to do, especially if you use up a large amount of energy working, running a business or recovering from having had a stroke. It may give you a brief level of satisfaction thinking about how good a future you can create for yourself, yet in reality life may not work out that way exactly, which can cause the next time you think about the future to be that much more stressful. If you are a stroke survivor your life in the present may be difficult so thinking about the future can be easily stressful.
The reason I am talking about these particular topics is because I am a stroke survivor, business owner and have counselled and mentored numerous business owners, employees and stroke survivors. The similarities between these people is they are all mostly hard working individuals who strive to do better and be better. Motivated and hardworking individuals have different motives than most and this enables them to do more and be more. However when they push themselves too hard they risk creating an unbalanced mind which can result in many things, one being worrying about the future.
There are two different views on the future you can take. One being over thinking about every aspect of your future which can cause anxiety beyond belief. Two being calmly and collectively planning for your future. There is a big difference here and each requires different approaches. Worrying about the future won’t be the best approach as it will cause distress, work problems, relationship problems etc.
If it sounds like you would benefit from having a calm and content mind when it comes to thinking about the future, maybe its time to reward yourself with getting someone to non judgmentally and calmly listening to you and giving you good guidelines to follow