To live a healthy life whilst being fit takes effort. If no effort is made you could compare it to your car’s fuel tank being empty as well as your car being in need of a service. It just wouldn’t function properly. If you refuel yourself with healthy food and exercise regularly chances are very slim for any problem to occur. It can be hard to stay healthy and fit in our busy lives though. Yet it is most definitely worth the effort! Once you are fit and healthy, all of a sudden you will function so much better, have more energy, be more productive and overall be happier.

It is hard to get fit and healthy as a stroke survivor as movement and energy can be limiting. Also the urge to eat unhealthy food is higher as we crave instant energy hits. Unhealthy foods help with this, yet deteriorate your health and wellbeing.

The solution is difficult in the beginning. And the solution is to get fit and to eat healthily. Sounds simple right? Yet why isn’t every stroke survivor doing it? Well it comes down to mind control and will power. Once you take the first few difficult steps to making a change health and fitness wise, it becomes easier. Then it becomes a perpetual self driving happy and healthy process. It then feels effortless.

How do you get started, you may be thinking? There are many ways, and I know an incredibly simple one that will blow your mind. I am more than happy to share it with you, simply contact me here for more information.