This week I wanted to talk to you about ‘comfort zones’. Comfort zones keep us safe. This is because we don’t have any stressful stimuli or we stay in environments in which we don’t have to process as much information, hence why we are comfortable.
A few years ago, I read this book. I can’t remember the title of it…. That “nothing great ever comes from staying in your comfort zone”. I feel this is all very much true. Staying in comfort zones also means there is no risk (as there is no stressful stimuli), which also means you don’t progress. Any bit of progress starts with a varying degree of risk.
I put this to you, maybe you should utilise a little bit of stress. Things like cold therapy and saunas are good for us. They put our bodies under a little bit of stress which also increases our heart rate variables (HRV). When we stay in comfort zones, we avoid stress and cushion ourselves from the environment, which makes us susceptible to illness and declines in mental health.
Excitement and being nervous are often the same physiological reaction. Harness that, tell yourself that you are excited rather than nervous. This may trigger positive behaviours and help you flourish. A little bit of stress is healthy and allows us to get out of our comfort zones. Which is where greatness lives.
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