The Pilot of Your Life

I just wanted to start this week by saying thank you. Thank you to those of you who take your time to read my weekly Newsletter. You reading them is a big motivation for me to keep writing!

This week I wanted to share a quote that I love.

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.
-Michael Altshuler-

This quote has resonated with me this week. Recently I have been thinking about the small amount of time we have with loved ones and generally in life. It makes you feel quite powerless. But this quote reframes this, helping us to understand that we are in control of where we take our lives.

The message from this week is to make the most of your time, but most importantly, take control of your plane. Where are you going? What is your destination? As a stroke survivor it is very easy to get caught up in life, doing what other people think you should do. In this case they have become the pilot of your life. This is good at the beginning of your recovery journey, yet it cant last forever. As time goes on, you will need to start leaning how to take control of your plane yourself. 

8 years ago I made the decision to take control of my plane and start JULIAN REDDISH COUNSELLING. If I didn’t make that decision and take control, it would be very likely that I would be unfulfilled now. I would’ve been a lot unhappier.

Take control of your life, change your destination, don’t stay stuck on the same island.

P.S here is a review from one of my clients about how he finds the 45 minute sessions:

Rated 5 out of 5
Roger Havens (verified owner) – 8 September 2023
I Find My sessions with Julian to be extremely refreshing. I can tell him everything thats going on with my stroke recovery and from his experience and insight, he has great answers that help me to continue on my journey. His insights provide me with a lot of inspiration and encouragement, and ways to find motivation to keep moving forward. He has been very helpful for me. I don’t know what I would do without him.

To become the person you only can dream of like Roger did, click here.