Accepting something is easy. However, how easy do you think accepting the fact that yes, you had a stroke can be? Accepting that you may not progress any further can be hard.

Accepting that this is how you may be for the rest of your life is hard.. Accepting that you are going to have to live with running out of energy fast is daunting.. Accepting that everything takes longer for you is emotional.. The list goes on and on.. However it doesn’t have to be difficult for you.

There will be times of discomfort when you think about how your life will never be as it used to be. There will always be difficult periods in life, however they will be better if good coping mechanisms are developed. Over time you will undoubtedly learn your own coping mechanisms. Yet what if these coping mechanisms are not effective enough for your liking ? If you go about learning coping mechanisms yourself it probably will take some time and then you will go through a lot of trial and error. However, what happens if you could simply¬† reach out here to find out exactly what to do to start learning how to manage your own acceptance? Wouldn’t it be nice to simply do that rather than feeling alone trying to figure it all out by yourself? Once you have well and truly accepted the fact that you have had a stroke, you will very rarely look back at your ‘old self’ and your ‘old life’. You will be able to look forwards with certainty, peace and acceptance.

This will create such a nice place for your beautiful self to live.