When your energy levels change the plans you had for today

It’s nice to think about and plan what you want to do tomorrow. In the present moment you might think, yeah, I’ll go shopping, then I’ll go for a walk, and then, and then (or something similar). When ‘tomorrow becomes today’ and you completely lack the energy to even think about completing all or any of those tasks, then what do you do?

Don’t get stuck in your mindset.

One thing you can do, is to feel terrible that you don’t have the energy to complete that list of tasks you had in mind. However, it really won’t help!
I hear you think, but I’m stuck in this mindset of feeling terrible. You might be stuck, or in the future you’ll once again get stuck in this state of mind, because that’s the easy thing to do! When we get caught in a particular way of thinking it can be hard to break out of it. Especially if you don’t know how to clear the unhelpful thoughts.

If you had a plan that you’re unable to follow, take a breath. Allow yourself to think, this is actually ok. A good thing to do is to remove yourself from the situation. Physically remove yourself from where you are, and then sit down, or lay down and have a rest. Maybe even make yourself a nice cup of tea or a cold drink.

Seek help

Another helpful thing to do is to message a loved one and tell them how you are feeling. You honestly might not be aware of how to get yourself out of this “sticky mind” way of thinking. You may be so caught up in not feeling able to complete the tasks you thought you could do, that you are unaware of what to do next. By texting or calling a loved one, they will simply be able to give you advice, like “take a break”, “have a rest”, or “maybe just try to complete one or part of one of the tasks you wanted to complete”.

How can I help?

What happens if you don’t have someone you can count on to guide you through difficult moments of your day? Well I can’t think of a better way to check in with someone than with a fellow stroke survivor with over 17 years of stroke recovery experience. I have honestly been through all of the difficulties that come with a stroke recovery journey, so I can give you fantastic advice and peace of mind that you won’t find anywhere else. If you are feeling stuck with your “sticky mind” (when it feels impossible to stop thinking a certain way) or you simply find it difficult to prepare for future tasks, rest assured you can always talk to me!

At the moment the exchange rate is quite good. So an AU$50 – 45 minute video call with me will only cost approximately US$30. This is one way to get back on track. To start doing more of the things that you love.  While still being able to work through the plans you have for yourself.

If you need to seek further assistance with this topic there are useful resources on my website. I have several products that can help you along this journey. Consider purchasing my book, The Simplicity of Life. Or my e-books Ten Step Guide or Stroke Recovery Toolkit. My professional counselling services can be booked here.