One day I went to India to meet my fiance’s family. I noticed something about India that I had not noticed before in any other country that I have visited. The powerful and pure level of kindness that was expressed by every individual that I met and saw was beyond belief.

When looking for the right therapist for yourself it can get tough as there is so much choice out there. It is important that you allow the help of your intuition when it comes to selecting team members to help you on your recovery journey.

When I was in India where I experienced  their incredible kindness, this reminded me of how important it is to have kind therapists.

When meeting your possible therapists, you should not only listen to their experiences and what degrees they have completed. Look into what kind of person they are as well. Make sure they will treat you as if you are family. So that they don’t let you down. You do not always know if they will treat you as well as you like.

Recovering really well does require risk. To find the perfect therapist/s you will need to try a few out for yourself for a while to see what they offer as well as see what kind of person they are. Because if they are great at what they do, yet are not kind and caring individuals it possibly will do you more harm in the long term. Your mind is the control centre of your body, so if you let someone who does not align with yourself or your inner beliefs and values, in the long term they could impact you negatively. This could lead to all sorts of problems.

I am saying this all simply to remind you to keep your eyes open for kind individuals that may be able to help you on your recovery journey. You may well already be doing this, and if you are GREAT! Keep on going. You can never go wrong if you keep on trusting your intuition.

If you are starting out on your stroke recovery journey, or are midway through, I am happy to share some of or all of the beneficial therapists I have seen in the past 18 years of my stroke recovery journey. Or simply help create your group of therapists based on what your recovery goals look like. Simply contact me here and I can share whatever information you are seeking in regards to what therapists would suit you the best. I have found that developing your intuition can help you in more ways than one.