As a person suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or any sort of physical injury it is hard (near impossible) to enjoy the little things in life. Especially when your mind (the powerful ever controlling stress in your mind that is) is controlling every thought you are having in a negative way.

However, what would you think if I said to you that practicing focusing on the little things could be the beginning of a new pathway for you. The beginning of a new and calm mind for you. The beginning of a new grateful and happy self for you. How would you feel if I told you that?

Well it is possible. Like they say ‘it is possible if you set your mind to it’. But how can you ‘set your mind to it’ if your mind can’t even focus?

When you are ‘stuck’ in the ever worsening downward spiral of agitatedly stressful thoughts it feels so strongly that there is no solution. The thought of their being a solution feels impossible, and you believe that it is.

I have helped numerous clients get out of this dangerous feeling of a downward spiral of negative thoughts that are filled with stress and anxiety. The solution is as if it is on the edge of a coin. It is not heads, doing it this way, and it is not tails, doing it that way. It is as if the answer is between a breath in and a breath out. Barely explainable and difficult to know if not guided there..