Are you someone that struggles to be dedicated when it comes to carrying out a big task that may take days, weeks or even months? Whatever the big task is, after a couple of days you might think yes! I can do this! Then after a week, you may not see much progress, so slowly but surely you stop trying so hard until gradually over time you stop trying at all. Have you ever experienced something like this?

If you have experienced something like the above, that is a good thing in fact. It means you are human! Phew!.. However what happens if you are either a stroke survivor, business owner or an employee who is pushed hard and expected to recover fast, deliver results on time and outperform everyone else?  The pressure is high if you fall under any of these categories.. If you are a stroke survivor, everyone may expect you to hurry up and recover. Yet recovering from having a stroke is a long and slow process. I mention stroke survivors as I am a stroke survivor myself, so I know how tough it can be. I have mentored, coached and counselled numerous stroke survivors. Now I have expanded my business to include business owners, entrepreneurs and over worked employees because I know how tough it can be. The pressure is high and if you do not deliver.. Well we all know what happens then!

So when it comes to dedication, what is the secret ingredient you might be thinking? Is it a good diet? Plenty of exercise? Enough sunlight? Plenty of time with friends and family? Well yes, all of these things help, however there is only so much you can do as well as pushing yourself with your work.

What’s next? Well there are three options in my opinion.
1. Continue what you are doing and allow yourself to get burnt out, then continue to push yourself whilst assuming this is normal, and the only way forwards.
2. Try to do things differently yourself without talking to anyone and then possibly swing back to where you were in step number 1.
3. Seek someone who has been there, that is trained, ready to listen and is un judgmental that will follow your lead and work out small achievable goals. Goals that you never knew existed that will help you to prosper and help gain more energy and joy in your life.

I hope that this blog has given you something to think about and has helped open your eyes (even a little bit) to what may be happening in your life and how to possibly make a change that will benefit you.