Do you shy away from commitment because you either feel like you’re not good enough to achieve it, be with a certain person or whatever it is that you want to get done simply feels too difficult to achieve?

It is incredibly difficult to think clearly when in a state of mental health panic caused by an unbalanced mindset. The reason for having an unbalanced mindset could be because you have been working over hours, eating unhealthily, drinking, not allowing yourself enough time to catch up with friends etc. The list goes on and on. Yet once you realise this is the way you may be living your life, you can then make cognitive changes that will help come to a solution, which in turn will rebalance out your life. Then in doing so will give you more confidence when it comes to commitment.

Commitment comes in all shapes and sizes. Once you re-shape your mental health and improve your mindset, this could lead to a healthier, happier, more confident self. Once you have this balance right, you may get on with tasks around the house with less effort,  jump at opportunities to build relationships which will allow for more growth and happiness in your life among many more wonderful experiences. You may not realise and may not believe it until you are experiencing it all the incredible things you could be missing out on in your. life. Sometimes taking a leap of faith is needed to take steps forwards, and sometimes all you need is faith alone.