Alcohol can temporarily boost mood by affecting neurotransmitters in the brain, such as dopamine and serotonin, which are associated with pleasure and happiness. However it’s important to note that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to negative consequences and long-term health issues.
Everything affects stroke survivors more than your average person, alcohol included. So if you decide to drink, you will need to make logical decisions about when to stop drinking before you start. Drinking alcohol as a stroke survivor will affect you like this: 1 x drink is approximately equivalent to 12 x drinks. So you will need to be cautious. Try to drink in moderation with a close friend or family member so that they can look out for you. Also make sure you know that your close friend or family member will look out for you before you have a drink.
Alcohol causes more harm than good in the big picture, so make sure you are careful. If you have come this far with your stroke rehabilitation, it seems unwise to risk throwing it all away by getting caught up in the unsafe world of excessive drinking. By developing safe drinking habits early on it will help you in the long run and you will intuitively know when to stop. For more information Contact me here.