What is the solution?
What is the solution to where to go next after you’ve had a stroke, or even midway through your recovery?
Luckily my mother started researching to try to find the best therapist/s to help me continue moving forward with my stroke recovery. She was doing this when I was in the last phase of my hospital stay. I was in a rehabilitation unit called the Brain Injury Unit (BIU) when mum was searching for my next stage of recovery which started once I went home from the hospital that I was in for a total of 7 months.

The therapist that mum found was a Neuro physiotherapist who started helping and did so for quite awhile. When saying “what is the solution” to a good stroke recovery, you may well get overwhelmed because
A: You may not have any idea what the solution could be, which is very common. Or
B: You may have a bit of an idea about what the solution could be and a rough idea of what direction to take yourself on, on your stroke recovery rehabilitation journey. Yet in reality there are a million and one different directions you could take yourself on (or your loved one on), but in reality its probably best to ask a few different people what direction they recommend you going and who they recommend you to see. I have seen approximately 10-20 different therapists on my journey so far and would happily suggest some of them to you.

After you find your initial therapist they may well be able to advise you on who to see next, but I still recommend being open to continuously seeing (“testing out”) different therapists until you deeply feel a good connection with the one that suits you best. However you can still learn a thing or two off of each therapist you meet even if you do not decide to stick with them. Once you do this for a while, you should pick up some good exercises and techniques that you can continue on with at whatever pace that suits you. I have helped guide people to find the right therapists that suit themselves personally, so if you ever felt you needed some guidance like some of my clients did feel free to reach out.

A few of my clients have come from feeling lonely, sad with barely any confidence to going out fortnightly to dance nights, to having a healthy and fit lifestyle to having a growing group of friends as well as over all having a fulfilled and content life. These clients did this in as little as 6 sessions with me and from these sessions they were recommended to see the right people to help continue with their management post stroke.

Once you have pass through the above phases you may well not need to see any more therapists and will only need to do a collection of daily maintenance exercises to live a well balanced life of self love, contentment and confidence.