It can be difficult, near impossible to see the beauty of living with having had a stroke. It takes a pleasantly calm mind to see the beauty in it, but once you do it will open your eyes to what life is all about. Life is beautiful, yet some of us travel through it with more difficulties than others. Yet quite often people that do experience more adversity than others learn things about life that others don’t.

Imagine what it would feel like to feel at ease with all of your difficult past and/or current stroke recovery experiences? Imagine what it would feel like to not worry about what you thought other people may think of you.. Imagine what it would feel like to wake up in the morning and feel important, wanted, and needed… That feels pretty good doesn’t it?

What would the edge of a pleasant thought feel like? Imagine a coin. One side is filled with negative thoughts while the other side is filled with positive thoughts. However when you are on the edge of the coin (on the edge of a thought). You can be calmly filled with pleasant thoughts whilst seeing the negative thoughts, but not entering the negative side of the coin. Just observing, It takes practice to do this. What a lot of stroke survivors have is ore time. Possibly because they don’t or can’t work full time jobs. So you can practice being on the edge of a pleasant thought.

How do you practice to be on the edge of a pleasant thought? Also how do you use it to access the beauty of having had a stroke?

All of these questions can be answered and talked about at the right time.

Better and Better
Julian Reddish Counselling