Have you ever felt as if you were stuck in a downward spiral of negative thoughts and emotions? Each negative thought becomes more powerful and then you are left feeling powerless.. Does this sound or feel familiar to you? It is easy to continue on this downward spiral, as it requires no effort. Generally we don’t like doing things if they require a lot of effort do we? Especially when it comes to managing our mental health. Because quite often putting our mental health first comes last. Which seems silly, because managing our mental health is like getting our car serviced. It is crucial to a well maintained car. Just as it is crucial to a well maintained mind. This then leads to a well maintained heart, body and soul. Mental health management should be put first. Because then everything else in your life will follow. You will be able to work more effectively, be a better friend, family member, lover and respect yourself more.

As De Mello says: “what [people] want is relief: a cure is painful. If finding a cure is painful, perhaps the cure is simply made up of numerous combinations of relief?
Go for that walk. Take that bath. Book in to see your therapist. Book in that short getaway you have been meaning to book in. Life is short, so allow yourself to live it. Think of it all as relief which in turn creates a cure.