During the process of having a stroke you are put into a state of ‘fight, flight and freeze’. Our body does this in an attempt to help protect us, yet our body does not know how to switch this state off with ease. Over time this ‘fight, flight and freeze’ state becomes quite detrimental.

The fight, flight and freeze state tends to stay with us to a certain degree forever. To learn how to switch this state off on cue is invaluable, because being in this state can be detrimental to your overall health. For one, being in this state can be exhausting, and, well it is not a comfortable state to be in at all!

Let’s say you are exhausted, yet you can’t relax. This is horrible, right? You know what the solution is (just take a rest) yet simply taking a rest does not give you the results you want you can’t. How frustrating! It is frustrating on a whole other level not knowing how to switch this state off when you really need to switch it off.

Lets just imagine what it would feel like to have a calm and restful state, with none of this uncomfortable state in your mind or body.. Let’s say you are sitting on a deck chair on the sand under a coconut tree. You are drinking coconut water and the cool ocean breeze is blowing on your face. The weather is warm. After you finish half of the coconut you decide to leave the rest of the coconut water till you come back from the water. You walk down to the water and simply cool your feet down (or if you feel more adventurous you go all the way in). Then you come back to your deck chair, dry off and finish the rest of the coconut water. Life is feeling pretty good right now isn’t it?.. There are many ways to deal with the ongoing symptoms of fight, flight and freeze, and that was just one.
Wherever you are on your stroke recovery journey, I have been there. Truly, I have. So if you ever wanted to talk feel free to reach out.