Mindfulness is a big topic and we could talk about this for days.. Mindfulness for stroke survivors however is slightly different.
How can a stroke survivor be mindful if either their mind is racing, or if they are not “fully present?”. Put simply the solution is practice and being fully committed and present.
From experience when it comes to the topic of mindfulness, it is far better to be taught about it from a person (one on one or in a group setting). I will however attempt at giving you a brief insight into how being mindful as a stroke survivor can benefit you on your journey forwards as well as the people in your life.

Since I had my stroke in 2001, somehow I kept on having “clique” moments where the exact right person would “fall into my life” at the right time to help me with the right thing on the next step of my rehabilitation journey. All in all It has been a 17+ year stroke rehabilitation journey for myself and I can deeply and honestly say now with confidence that I am happy with where I am in my life. Yes it did take a lot of effort to get to where I am, with a good team supporting me on different levels of intensity along the way. However I can truthfully say that Mindfulness has been and always will be (for me) the most impactful, gentle and powerful tool in my recovery journey over all of these years.
The amount of intuitively “correct” people that have entered my life along my recovery journey has been almost mind boggling. I guess there are many different ways you could look at this perspective from (why all of these different people entered my life). Along my journey so far there would be an approximate estimate of about 20 individuals that have come into my life (excluding my past and current medical team)..

There are many people out there that have had a stroke and use their experience to help other stroke survivors. Everyone prepares themselves differently in regards to preparing to write their blogs, podcasts, Instagram and Facebook posts etc
For me personally when it comes to preparing for an upcoming Instagram Live talk on my account , my blog , podcast, or even when I wrote my book.  I started by being in a deeply Mindful state of mind. I (as mentioned in my digital products. I start each individual document with my morning routine. This enables me to be in a very pleasant state of mind where there is then no resistance to being Mindful. This is where I am most productive (yet it may be different for you). Everyone is slightly different of course, so depending on where you want to be/get to we can tailor your journey forwards  so that you can harness the power of being Mindful to its fullest potential.

For now I have made it my mission to help people like you travel through your rehabilitation journey with ease and to live a life better than previously imagined. What I’d recommend you do is to  sign up and gain access to my “Five Top Tips” for FREE The link to receive this free guide will pop up after a few seconds. Secondly you can listen to some (or all) or my monthly podcasts on my Spotify account. Thirdly if you simply feel like browsing my website and taking it all in at your own speed go ahead, as the site is designed to be a DIY stroke recovery guide in a sense, so do not rush your way through. Take it in at your own pace.

Wherever you are on your stroke recovery journey, I hope you are doing well, and if you ever need any assistance or guidance feel free to reach out.
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