Is it possible?
Is it possible? What do you think? No seriously?… Think back to why you landed here on this page, on this website. Reading this email.. Why do you think you are here? Perhaps you began your journey online to see if it is possible (whatever question you previously or currently had in your mind). Perhaps your question about yourself (or a loved one) who had a stroke was “will I (or they) ever recover, or will I (and/or they) be happy again”.. Its just so easy, too easy in fact to think to yourself, “no it’s not possible to recover, or to be happy” after such a life changing event such as having a stroke. Or “it’s simply not possible for me to recover, It’s always other people that have success stories, but not me”.
In todays world it is far easier to tell ourselves that certain things are not possible to achieve. Because thats the easier option.. However with the right support system in place and the right tools, the transition from not believing in yourself to believing in yourself is possible.

I’ll give you an example of the above.. When thinking to yourself “is it possible” you need to integrate this thought in with deep trust..

One day I decided to (well it kind of just happened) start going for daily walks.. I just trusted this feeling. I don’t know where this calm, deep and strong feeling came from, I just knew I had to trust it. “is it possible” to go on daily walks I thought? Well theres only one way to find out, so one day I took the first step, and kept at it as often as I could. I went for a walk every day (when I was feeling good generally). Now I walk 6 days a week for a minimum of 2.2km. Obviously its normal to miss days here and there, and that is perfectly normal. Around this time Instagram was increasing in popularity, so on one of my first walks I had this other thought: “is it possible to share my recovery journey with others”? I decided then and there to create my own Instagram account called @stroke_recovery_guidelines. I started taking videos of myself talking about my stroke recovery journey whilst I was walking, and before long it started to have a good impact on many other stroke survivors lives who started following this account.. I enjoyed going for walks and continuing to share content on this Instagram account, so I simply kept going, and the account naturally grew in popularity.

I started getting more and more followers, and some nice comments started to appear, which was nice. Around this time I realised that I had around five different Word documents on my computer of attempts at writing my own book. I thought ok, nows the time! “is it possible” for me to finally complete this book?

I copy and pasted all of the different documents into one file and start editing it into one document once and for all. In the past it was not possible for me to get past writing a few paragraphs due to where I was in my recovery, but now that I felt far more confident I stared to work on completing my book: The Simplicity of Life. This large document became my first book and slowly over time I edited it until it was complete, and then I self published it.

Deeply and calmly trusting the process of going for daily walks, starting the Instagram account and then completing the book was the right thing to do at the right moment/s in my life. If you would like some guidance on what direction you might like to take in your life as well as learn how to maintain a beautiful and well balanced mental health, feel free to book in a session with me.

Trusting my intuition in what I just shared helped me continue on my journey and it made it all feel possible on my recovery journey.

The next stage was to unexpectedly meet this woman who introduced me to counselling.. I studied counselilng at her college for a few years. How did all of these unexpected and un planned things keep on happening to me? I am more than happy to explain it to you if you decide to make a booking in the link above!

After studying counselling and publishing my book, I created my website (with help of course) which led to the continuation of focusing on stroke recovery support (mainly in the area of mental health management). This website continued to grow the more I trusted the process of believing it is possible.. I created two digital products that are available on my site
I mentioned this journey of mine because that morning I was simply walking along the road not really knowing what was in store for me. I didn’t know whether it was possible? All I knew was that I should keep walking and keep trusting..