It is incredibly easy (if not guaranteed) for your stroke recovery to be difficult. There’s no
doubt about this. That’s where friends, family and medical professionals come in to play.
There are a million different ways to navigate a successful stroke recovery journey that is for

In this month’s podcast I’ll be talking with a fellow friend, a stroke survivor all the way from
the US who has been through it all when it comes to navigating through his own stroke
recovery. We will be talking about if it has been helpful to focus on projects, businesses
and/or goals that are “bigger than ourselves” and go outside simply just focusing on your
stroke rehabilitation. I.E “is it helpful for it to be bigger than yourself post stroke”?

There are so many helpful people out there when it comes to assisting stroke survivors on
their stroke recovery. Obviously, there are countless medical experts which all play an
important role when it comes to recovering.
Sometimes it can be helpful to listen to people with been their done that experience or
work with people that have lived experience as well as “thinking outside of the box”

Try not to be afraid to try working on something other than simply the repetitiveness of
stroke rehabilitation. Earlier on in stroke rehabilitation it is recommended to simply follow
your physio therapists, speech therapist, and occupational therapist’s recommendations.
Once you have progressed through this, if you feel up to it, you can try working on
something “bigger than yourself” so to say. Try to have some fun with it as you won’t know
exactly where it will take you. You may surprise yourself!

You can listen to my podcast episode on this topic here.