Projects can help carry us along in life. It’s as if when we stop focusing on ourselves a lot of the things in our life are taken care of. We all take on life in our own unique way and we all generally figure things out along the way, however as a stroke survivor our ability to carry out projects change.

Why would focusing on a project have any benefit for a stroke survivor you may be thinking? I believe that there are almost hidden resources when having a small, medium or large project to focus on. Let me give you one example here. I had spent a while attempting to put down my entire stroke recovery into a book. This project took multiple attempts. Each attempt helped me grow, mature, and recover more in the sense that it helped with a lot of inner work. This alone helped myself be “pulled a long” throughout my recovery journey. Each time I continued on with writing the book (or sometimes re-starting it) I got a little bit further. Until one day I thought right, let’s get serious! So I copied and pasted all of the different documents together, re wrote it all, got it edited and then published. So whatever idea you may have in regards to starting a project, allow this idea to grow as it may well be the solution to helping you that you’ve been looking for!

When it comes to projects, you can go about it in any way you like. Have some fun with it, because remember, life is too short to not try things out whilst enjoying them. While you trial out different projects remember there are no “right” or “wrong” ways to go about it. This is true in all areas of life too. Let’s take a brief look at some of the entrepreneurial and world famous Artists for a moment. Michelangelo was told that he could go to jail, or get killed if he painted such revealing images on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. If he followed the “right” way, he wouldn’t have painted such extraordinary images. He chose to do it the “wrong” way and risked his life doing so. Now because he did this these images are some of if not the most famous images on planet earth. The same goes for Sir Richard Branson. The amount of times he has been told “that is the wrong way to do things” is crazy. He pursued, and now he is one of the most famous entrepreneurs of all time. He now is taking customers to the stars in Virgin Galactic!

When it comes to “right or “wrong” in regards to the topic of projects, do not be afraid to take some risks, have some fun and have an open mind. It could pull you along to unexpected places that could either introduce you to amazing people. Or it could introduce you to something that you love, such as art and craft, which could help you manage your emotions..