Reading is an interesting thing to do isn’t it? It’s beautiful, mystic, enticing and overall is a lovely thing to do. To sit back, relax and forget all the worries in this world, is, well its beautiful.. To be carried away to an imaginary land of wonder. To be carried away into a world that we wished we lived in, and then learning valuable life lessons from this world in which we read about. By learning from other thought provoking people has been and always will be a valuable thing to do. However it is a different practice altogether for a stroke survivor to achieve all of this from reading.

Imagine what it’s like to try to start reading and minutes (or even seconds later) your mind wanders elsewhere. Then you can not bring your focus back. Staying focused on reading is a challenge for many of us.

If you have had a stroke and struggle to read this is absolutely fine. Especially in this day and age where nearly everything is digital now and you can simply watch whatever you want to watch as a video or as an audio. However there is still something quite magical about reading that will never disappear. If you are supporting a stroke survivor or are a stroke survivor, I have put together some valuable information in your Stroke Recovery Toolkit that should be able to get you started on your path to reading more. Once you read this product and if you want to learn more reading techniques, you can book in to see me to find out more. Since I published this product I have completed a really good reading class which has improved my reading dramatically. I know that this reading class is not held anywhere else, so you will learn very valuable information that will make reading feel effortless. I’d be happy to share what I learnt in this course with you.