Stroke survivors frequently suffer from insomnia, which causes you to have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night. Dealing with this can be torturous. Struggling to get to sleep while others in the household effortlessly fall asleep is one thing, but listening to the silence of the night whilst trying to fall asleep is another. Especially when you struggle to stay asleep throughout the night.
If stroke survivors generally lack energy, then how on earth would they manage after having countless bad nights of sleep?

A well known and brilliant Australian cartoonist of the name Michael Leunig hit his head one day which later developed into a brain bleed which developed into insomnia. He said in an article that was published in The Sydney Morning Herald in 2017 that he does the best of his work in a ‘twilight’ zone around 3am.Michael Leunig goes on to say “I had mostly been a good sleeper, but now I was waking every night after three or four hour’s sleep. Lying there in the darkness, crushed beneath a boulder of despair and stricken with an overwhelming sense of regret, wretchedness, loneliness, futility and the sheer impossibility of life”.

Some say that our metabolism is at its lowest ebb at 3am and that we are technically very near death, while others believe that God comes closest at this time to tell us the difficult humbling things we need to hear.

There are solutions to all sorts of life problems. Some solutions are more difficult than others to carry out and solve.. If you suffer from insomnia and have had a stroke, what better way to find a solution than to ask someone who has dealt with it themselves? I had terrible insomnia that came and went for years. Now that it is well managed I can live my life with ease. For more information feel free to make a booking here