In reality when it comes to mental health management, management of your own life (from a mindfulness, conscious and happiness point of view) there is no better way of doing it than sharing your inner thoughts with a professional that has zero judgment.

Let’s use this as an analogy: If someone wants to get really good at say golf for example (lets use Tiger Woods as an example) they get professional coaching, and practice until they are at a level that satisfies them.

If someone wants to become a great swimmer (lets use Ian Thorpe as an example) they seek professional advice, coaching and more and they put all of their $ towards their coaching so that they can become the very best they humanly can be. However when it comes to mental health and wellbeing there is a big disconnection here. However we don’t like to “seek help” if we are emotionally or mentally unstable. We want the solution to be “easy” so we go forwards alone and then struggle.

Imagine if we treated our own mind/mental health as if we were athletes, and saw a counsellor at a minimum of once a month! We would be so deeply well balanced on an emotional level. We would be so well aligned physically and mentally that we would be far more productive in all areas of our life too.

“Breath in inner calm, peace, serenity, and breath out inner clutter, tension, agitation & pent up anger.”

If you want to hear more about this topic, you can watch November’s Podcast episode here.

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Julian Reddish

Julian Reddish Counselling