Recovering from when you have had very busy days

There are many times in life where we just “have to be there” for whatever reason. It could be for a family gathering, or for a loved ones special celebration, an anniversary, or for a friends Birthday get together, and the list goes on and on.. Its so important to be aware of when your energy is about to come to an end. In moments like these where you are aware that your energy is coming to an end it’s vital to be aware that you need to take a break and step out of whatever activity you are attending. This way you wont go over your energy threshold. By stepping out of the activity you are in, it will re energise you to enable you to finish off whatever activity/event you are joining in on. By stepping out of the activity/event for a while, it may not help you feel 100% back to your normal energy level the next day, but it should make a difference. Why should you take that short break you may think? Well if you don’t take that short break you then run the risk of going overboard and using up all of your energy. If you didn’t take the break you then run the risk of “crashing” energy wise so to say and really struggle to re-energise over the following days.
The topic of this blog is Recovering from when you have had very busy day/s. How will you know if taking that short break during your busy activity/event/day etc will make a difference? This is a good point. Awareness is a good first step that’s for sure! Why awareness? Well if you can start by being aware of how you are feeling throughout your day to day life, this should develop a good understanding of where you stand with your energy levels. From there you can go about your life doing more and more so that you can see how you feel the next day energy wise. This way you are learning what your energy level boundaries are. Its a good way to find out how you manage simply from testing out how far you can push yourself. But remember to not over do it. To find out how far you can push yourself, simply gently push the boundaries. From here on out you can try taking short breaks throughout your planned outing, activity or day (with the knowledge of how far you can push yourself.. You may still be tired and need recovering the day after the day that you took that short break, but it may well be better than if you didn’t take that break at all. Knowing or even not knowing if different tips, tricks and/or exercises work is quite subtle. Yet combining a few different ones on average really does benefit yourself post stroke. To find out what tips, tricks and/or exercises suit you, simply book in for a free 15 minute Discovery call with Julian here:

If you think by taking that short break you may only feel subtlety better energy wise than if you didn’t take a rest,  it is most definitely worth while trying. I have found in my 17+ years of stroke recovery that having a collection of things compiled together does subtlety make a difference. So why not give it a try? Our inner critic & ego likes to convince us all that things wont work, and this is perfectly normal. Our inner critic and ego are oh so powerful to. So powerful that we think they are correct too. By simply trying a few subtle things that together help you move forward could be all you need to minimise the power of your unhelpful inner critic and ego. And then in turn gradually give you more energy and unexpectedly give you a better life post stroke.

It can be difficult to do the difficult thing that you (at first) really don’t want to do. For example take a short break during a gathering, event etc. Ill give you a quick example and then we can finish this blog here.

I asked my now fiancé to marry me, and she said yes! When we had our engagement party I told her that I am going to take a short break during the party to rest. She was perfectly ok with this. When the party was taking place I noticed I was starting to feel pretty tired, so I spoke to her (secretly) saying I need to take a break. She continued talking with her friends whilst I was resting. I had a great rest, got re energised and then went out to enjoy the rest of the party with more than enough energy! Taking that break was well worth it as it enabled me to enjoy more of the party while in a good state of mind, and allowed me to help tidy up after the party the next day too..
So wherever you are on your stroke recovery journey, remember this: you can still enjoy your life post stroke, even if your life has changed..