Do you suffer from lack of confidence in regards to doing the most simple things in your life? Do you simply believe that you out of all people cannot achieve particular things?
You are not alone..

I’d like to “build” a little analogy with you here. As I sit here early in the morning thinking about what I should put in this blog, drinking a cup of, I see a very delicate bird’s nest sitting on top of an old fireplace.. I think to myself that this is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship from such a small animal. How can a little bird do this when we are much more advanced (well we like to think we are) and we cant always even manage our mental health?

Perhaps there is something to be learnt from this little bird? How does a little bird build its bird’s nest in time for when it hatches its eggs? Well perhaps its mate helps build it bit by bit. Twig by swig, feather by feather, piece of straw by piece of straw.. Do you think the birds are thinking about how much work is involved in building their nest? Or perhaps all they focus on is building it bit by bit?

In my opinion the same goes for rebuilding your mind after a mental health issue such as prolonged periods of severe stress. Getting out of a tough mental health state of mind can be simple if approached in the correct way. If we use the little birds analogy for building its birds nest, we can learn a great deal.