Being a stroke survivor is not easy is it? There are many, many, many different areas of your life that you now have to learn to live with, within a limited range so that you don’t overdo it and “crash”.. It is ok if you can learn to live within a certain range if you can manage what you do well, however if you can’t manage living within this range you’ll be living a difficult and complex life post stroke. You can’t do too many things at once otherwise you’ll get too tired, you can’t drink too much alcohol or it’ll affect you more etc. Today I’ll be talking about the heat, how it affects you and what to do about it.

The heat can really be detrimental to stroke survivors’ energy levels. You will learn how to manage yourself during the heat as there are simple solutions out there. I.E. Don’t go out into the heat. If you do, wear a hat, take water with you, try to stay in the shade, and limit your outing times as your energy won’t last as long as during the Winter. However there will always only be so much time you can spend in the heat. As a stroke survivor there are many limitations you have, and spending time in the heat is one of these things. You’ll need to learn how to manage spending time in the heat going forwards in your life.

There are exercises you can do that can help you with your energy levels in the heat. The most effective ones I have learnt I have put together in the Stroke Recovery Toolkit and  The Simplicity Of Life.

There is a very nice feeling knowing that you can manage yourself well in the heat. As I sit here writing this blog I can happily say that in most situations I can manage my energy levels during a hot day quite well. I hope that you can learn how to manage your energy levels in the heat well as well as it will really help you going forwards. There will be certain situations where you won’t be able to manage yourself in the heat that well, but this is life. Overall if you commit yourself to learning some useful stroke recovery management techniques you will be far better off than not knowing them.

Life is hard being a stroke survivor I’ll admit. Let’s be honest, it is.. However it doesn’t need to be as hard as you may let it be for yourself. The simple act of allowing yourself to admit that you may need some guidance can be the first step towards a better life, a better you and in this case more energy throughout your day in the hot weather.