This week I wanted to talk to you about being a learner. Education is obviously very important. But education does not necessarily mean signing up to a course or being at University
When people shut off new ideas or are scared to face new technologies or theories, they shut off a world of opportunities. Just imagine if today we were treating depression with lobotomies and not behavioural therapies… We have come a long way with technology and understandings which people should keep up to date with.
What do I think learning is? I think learning is being open to new situations and pieces of knowledge. It’s much easier are far more beneficial to be open to new ideas and technologies rather than to fall victim to being closed minded when it comes to learning.
I my message this week is this. Be open to new ideas and theories. Be open to the latest thing which might change how we do things day-to-day. Don’t be stuck in the same thinking mindset because you will only shut doors. Be a learner. Ask questions and want to understand.