It’s ok if you feel like “……” and have no idea what to do. Is it ok if you feel completely lost and are not sure where to start, or how to continue on? It is. It truly is, however yes it takes some practice to feel ok with not.

Being ok, or with not knowing what to do next. In fact it makes life harder sometimes to over think what you should be doing every waking hour of the day. It is ok to not know in which direction you should go on your recovery journey. However, if you are the type of person that want’s a path to follow, this website is for you. On those days where you don’t know what to do you have an experienced stroke survivor you can reach out to. Who can either guide you to your next step in your recovery, help manage your mindset, or to teach you how to be ok with not knowing..

Its also ok if you feel absolutely terrible and to stop and allow yourself to feel bad… Why allow yourself to feel bad? Well the human body as well as animals in fact were designed to feel bad initially and then if taught correctly, you can go from feeling bad to being able to turn this bad feeling into a tiny “blip” that goes away in minutes.

It is a scary feeling to think that it is not ok to not know all the answers when it comes to what the next steps are on a stroke rehabilitation journey. What should you focus on next? Physiotherapy? Occupational therapy? Speech therapy? Start seeing a psychiatrist? Start seeing a personal trainer? Google what to do next? Yes I understand, there are a million and one different directions to go in, and they all require a fairly large amount of effort. It took me 17+ years to get me to where I am today, where I can happily say I do not need to see any therapists again (except for the occasional check up appointment here and there). So if you are feeling slightly lost, I would happily recommend the perfect person for you to see at your phase of rehabilitation that would suit you perfectly. Otherwise I’d be able to help you with your mindset, which is a huge aspect when it comes to a continuous recovery. It is interesting when you are not sure in which direction to go on your recovery journey and then you start seeing someone to help you with your mindset, everything on your journey starts to improve.