It is far easier for us to tell ourselves “I’ll just start that thing I wanted to start, do the thing that has to be done, eat better, exercise more etc tomorrow, right”?

This is a fairly common thought process. In todays world there are just so many things “to do” as well!
Where on earth do we even begin?

You must have heard this before “Life is short”…

Life is short, the older we get the faster it seams to go by.
This is a fact, and there are a few things that you can do to try to ‘slow life down’.

Being mindful in the moment tends to help bring us into the moment of NOW.
You can try to be more present by simply taking a few deep breaths and have a look around in a calming area that you like.
You could also try to meditate. If you do meditate, try your favourite form of meditation for a while.

Once you are in the moment of NOW (in a calmer state of mind), it is then easier to look at ‘if you could do something now, or do something tomorrow, why would you do it tomorrow?’

When in a calmer state of mind, it is far easier to think clearly. Once feeling nice and calm, you then can look at the things that you may like to get done.
Some of the things you thought you may have liked to get done may no longer be as relevant while others feel more important. Trying this simple process will help you re assess your ‘to dos’ as well as a fair bit of your general life as well.

There is always a gentle balance as to how much of something you can do at any given time that suits you personally.

By doing ‘that something’ now instead of putting it off tomorrow is possible if you prepare yourself. As mentioned about the gentle balance we all have, sometimes we need a little push as well.

For one moment, I’d like to invite you to simply sit (or stand) and feel into how it would feel like to progress towards that goal you have, or to have done that task and to not need to worry about doing it any more.
I recommend closing your eyes and using your imagination.
Once you feel that feeling of having achieved the thing that you wanted to achieve, wether it be the task, or whatever it may be.
Enjoy this feeling of not needing to think about having to do it any more. Allow your body and mind to relax.

Now I bet that was a nice feeling? Now that you have had that beautiful feeling, I suggest starting to work on whatever you were enjoying that felt complete in your mind (when feeling relaxed and at ease).
Simply perhaps do as much or as little (but try to do some) as you feel like doing now, or today. If you do this, you should feel better and then there will be less to do tomorrow, or even next week.
Having completed, or having progressed on something gives you a sense of gratification and achievement, which in turn should help you feel happier.

There is a nice saying that goes like this: Pay Now, Play Later.

By paying now (doing now) you then can reward yourself by playing later.

I hope that this exercise has helped you, and remember if you want any more advice, or you simply feel like sharing your journey with someone, the act of sharing it will also be a big help. You can book in a session if you feel you might need or want to.

It takes courage to reach out for help, so I’d like to congratulate you for signing up to this email, because you have taken the first step.

Well done!