Exercise daily as it helps regulate your immune system, nervous system, physical health, improves your over all health and well-being.

The simple act of exercising daily quite often is all you need when it comes to maintaining your mental health. So it only seams obvious to exercise daily, right? Then why do we not always do it? This is a question that has been attempted to be answered so many times, but here is my version of an answer to it:

I believe that we don’t always maintain our mental health and well being because we are either too busy, or that we don’t believe that we deserve to look after ourself, respect ourself and take action on looking after and respecting ourselves. Right on the other side of the task that we may be too lazy to complete is an endless resource of satisfaction and happiness.

So if this is the case, then why don’t we take action on what will help keep us happy and in balance?
This is a complex answer, but put simple if we LEAD WITH OUR BODY, NOT OUR MIND, we will just do the task and be done with it (our mind won’t get in the way). So lead with your body, not your mind and exercise daily and over just a few days you should start noticing the dramatically nice change in the way that you feel.

It is partly a survival technique to stay in safety so that we don’t get hurt, and I think we must think exercise is dangerous and/or difficult, hence why we don’t always do enough.

What if we learn to enjoy exercise by tricking our minds into enjoying it?

A good little exercise you could do is after 3 days of daily exercise you do, you go out for a cup of coffee to your favourite cafe, or catch up with your good friend for a drink? After just a week or two your brain could think “ahh if I exercise, I’ll get a treat”.
This is what your mind could say next: “ahh so you’re saying all that I need to do is exercise daily, and then you reward me with doing something that I love and in turn I feel happy and content with where I am in life and then this will help with everything in my life? I think I can work with this, yours truly, your brain A.K.A your mind”.

If you think you might need more than a form of “DIY mental health management”, reach out to me and I’ll be able to guide you through your difficulties. I know how to turn a life of distress into a life of happiness and fulfilment no matter what you are struggling with.

Better & Better
Julian Reddish