Accepting the fact that you’ve had a stroke.

Accepting the fact that you’ve had a stroke is a big topic, yet it has a simpler solution than you might think.

Living life as a stroke survivor can be tough. Wanting to physically improve, wanting to be happier, wanting more friends, wanting to earn more money. The list goes on. Thinking all of these thoughts (or similar thoughts) is just part of living life post stroke.

It’s not an easy journey that’s for sure.

For example stroke survivors with struggle with far more fatigue than your average person.

Quite often in life we automatically over complicate things.

Instead of learning to live within their means (energy wise) stroke survivors might find that you overcomplicate their day. This could be by pushing themselves to achieve too much in a short time. They would be better to work on whatever it is that is most important to them at that time. Whether it be rehabilitation, work etc, then take a break.

Accepting your stroke

Post stroke, it is necessary for survivors to learn to accept that with all areas of their life there will be boundaries. Not doing too much (in all areas), yet still doing enough to feel fulfilled is important. It may get frustrating at times living life like this, but it is simply a good way to help protect yourself post stroke.

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